Preparing for Your Senior Session

Northwestern Minnesota senior photographer Alyssa Ashley Photography

The time is nearing… high school juniors everywhere are starting to think about their senior year that’s just around the corner. They are beginning to look at colleges, think about their future plans, dream about graduation day, aaaand get ready for senior pictures! If you are a junior or a parent of a soon-to-be high school senior, this blog post is for you! I am answering a few questions you will need to know in order to start preparing for your senior session.

When should I schedule my senior pictures?

You should plan to take your seniors pictures the summer before your senior year (or possibly early fall of your senior year). This means you should probably start looking for a photographer during the winter or early spring of your junior year. If you are able to get your photos taken during the summer, it will allow enough time for your gallery to be edited and delivered to you BEFORE you need to get a senior photo to your school yearbook, order prints, etc.

What should I wear to my session?

Ultimately, your portrait session is all about you and your style, so you have the freedom to choose whatever you’d like! However, here are a few suggestions that may help you out! First of all, it is nice to have a variety of looks. You may want to have a more formal/dressy outfit, a casual/stylish outfit, and maybe even a uniform or jersey if that is important to you. Choose colors that compliment your hair and skin tone (I always lean toward earthy or jewel tones). Busy patterns, stripes, and neon or bright colors do not photograph well. Choose outfits that comfortable and flattering to your shape (not too tight and not too baggy). Bringing about 2-4 outfits will give you plenty of options and variety during your session.

Northwestern Minnesota senior photographer Alyssa Ashley Photography

Do I need to bring anything?

You do not have to bring anything to your session other than your outfits. However, this is also a great way to express your personality in your images. You may choose to bring a pet, sports equipment, instrument, or any other props that represent who you are and the things you enjoy!

Where should my photoshoot take place?

Again, this time is all about you… so the locations you take photos at should also reflect your personality. Do you like the outdoors and nature? Then let’s find some forests, trails, and lakes. Do you prefer a more urban feel? Then let’s walk around town and find some cool brick walls and streets. The location you choose definitely sets the style and mood for your shoot, and it may even affect what outfits you choose to wear!

Can I bring a friend or family member to my session?

In my opinion, I think it is a great idea to bring a friend or family member along if they make you feel more comfortable! Often times these are the people that can get the best smiles out of you. It is also nice to have an “assistant” or someone you trust to help fix your hair, adjust your clothes, grab props, etc.

How long does a senior session usually take?

You will need at least one hour in order to get a variety of quality photos without feeling rushed. The amount of time and the package you choose all depends on how many outfits and locations you are wanting to include. Usually 1-2 hours is plenty of time to get the images you are looking for!

I hope that all of you upcoming seniors and parents of seniors found this helpful! If you choose to book with Alyssa Ashley Photography, you will also receive a complete Senior Welcome Guide full of additional tips, tricks, and information to help you as you begin preparing for your senior session.

If you ever have any questions or need advice PLEASE reach out and I would love to help! You can CONTACT ME via my my inquiry form. OR, head over to the ‘Gram (@alyssaashley_photography) for more tips, tricks, and inspo.



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