Wedding Ceremony Tips from a Wedding Photographer’s POV

Wedding ceremony tips from a wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer (and past bride), let me tell ya: I have seen it all when it comes to things going really well, and things going not-so-well on wedding days. It seem like you can plan your heart out and something still doesn’t go as expected. One of my deepest passions as a wedding and couples photographer is to take the weight of stress off my clients’ shoulders. The amount of pressure put on couples is something that shouldn’t be normal (but is). So if I can give you any pieces of calm to ensure your wedding ceremony goes off without a hitch, keep reading. Here are 10 wedding ceremony tips from a wedding photographer’s POV. Let’s get into it!

Wedding Ceremony Tips, Tricks, and Reminders

Reminders for Your Officiant

  1. Whether you’re having an unplugged ceremony or not, you probably don’t want to receive photos back from your photographer that show little glowing screens as you walk up the aisle to your hubby. While Photoshop exists, most photographers really highlight capturing moments as they exist. So to ease your minds, have your officiant make an announcement before you walk up the aisle. They can something as simple as, “The bride and groom kindly request that all cellphones be turned off, and tucked away so that you all may be present for this occasion.” It’s straight to-the-point, while still being kind.
  2. Alternatively, your officiant could also allow guests just a moment to snap some photos before the ceremony begins. This could be something noted in the program, or something that your officiant also announces.
  3. Request that your officiant gives you two a moment to turn towards the audience to take it all in. If you choose to allow photos, this would be a great chance for your guests to snap some! It’s no secret how quickly a wedding day flies by; at the very least, you deserve a moment to take it all in.
  4. Have your officiant stand forward and to the side during the ceremony (in the aisle)! This will ensure that you and your hubs are facing your guests, rather than having your backs turned towards them. This also prevents number 5!
  5. Request that your officiant steps to the side as they wrap up the ceremony. We all have seen one too many images of a first kiss with the officiant awkwardly smiling in the background. ‘Nuff said.
  6. Once you’ve been announced as husband and wife, have your officiant invite the guests to stand to cheer you on as you both walk down the aisle! It’s a celebration, after-all! This is also a great time for your guests to throw flower petals, biodegradable confetti, blow bubbles, etc.

Reminders for the Bride and Groom

  1. Mix up the wedding party layout! Rather than you and your groom standing traditionally (see below), switch places! This allows you to actually see your bridesmaids and family for a smile or encouragement (same for your groom). Plus, your people get to see you! Not just the side of your face or back of your head.
  2. Don’t forget to hold hands. I cannot stress this one enough! As soon as you make your way up the aisle, hand your bouquet to your maid-of-honor. Not only could you use some comfort after all the jitters of your day, but it’s an exciting time! Plus, nobody ever really knows what to do with their hands anyway, so you might as well hold your partner’s hands.
  3. Hold your first kiss longer than you think you should! Your photographer and videographer will greatly appreciate it.
  4. Go in for a second kiss! When you and your honey reach the halfway point as you make your way back down the aisle, go in for another smooch. You’ll probably cherish the image of all of your favorite people surrounding you as you and your hubs kiss, more than you will of kissing at the alter.

Bonus Tip: This goes beyond your wedding ceremony, but hold your bouquet low. Keep the ends of the stems just below your belly-button.

Wedding ceremony tips from a wedding photographer

Minnesota Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer | Alyssa Ashley Photography

Your wedding day is such an exciting and transformative chapter in your life. I want to encourage you to stay true to what you and your partner envision for your day. If saying vows in front of a large audience causes anxiety, opt for private vows. If you’d rather have a short-and-sweet wedding ceremony, that’s okay, too! These wedding ceremony tips from a wedding photographer’s POV are meant to serve as some inspiration and ideas that you may not have otherwise thought of (because let’s be honest: you’re thinking of 238 other things!).

Happy wedding planning, my friend. Cheers to such a beautiful adventure ahead! Searching for more wedding planning tips? HEAD TO THE BLOG! And as always, be sure to follow along on Insta (@alyssaashley_photography).



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